Peak Performance, Gant and Nautica:
Style just for you


Elegant clothing in Pec pod Sněžkou

The world of new opportunities has opened up in Pec as the new buildings have started to appear. We took one of these opportunities in Hotel Pecr Deep and gave a new twist to it. We bring fashion that breaks down barriers between elegant and leisure clothing to the mountains. We want you to enjoy your holiday wearing elegant outfits that are suitable for both a night out and your favourite sport.

Opening hours
Daily: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

A brand that comes from the heart of Swedish mountains, where three men decided to produce stylish, quality ski clothing designed with skiers in mind. From a company that started in a garage, they built a first-class brand whose biggest motivation is love for sports. Men's and women's sports clothing by Peak Performance is here for you, allowing you to live your life to the fullest.


An American brand that is the synonym for refined style. In 1949, Gant set a high bar for shirt manufacturing. Since then, Gant has been raising the bar even higher, producing seasonal collections of men's and women's design clothing. However, both formal and casual shirts in many colour variations remain the brand's flagship products.


A brand embodying American classics. Every aspect of this brand reflects nautical traditions and represents an active and vivacious lifestyle. This brand was founded in 1983 in the US and was first recognized for its men's collection. Since then, it has expanded its range of products, offering men's, women's and children's clothing, accessories, watch and perfumes.

Be yourself

Outdoorová bunda v s Gore-Texem
8599 Kč
Pánská voděodolná bunda
5699 Kč
Pánská peřová bunda
7399 Kč
Běžecká pánská bunda
4899 Kč
Pánská mikina bez kapuce
3799 Kč
Pánská mikina s kapucí
3999 Kč
Hybridní pánská bunda
6199 Kč
Pánské tričko s nápisem
1299 Kč
Pánské tričko s potiskem
1199 Kč
Pánské softshellové kraťasy
3999 Kč
Pánské softshellové kalhoty
4499 Kč
Dámská bunda s Gore-Texem
8599 Kč
Dámská péřová bunda
7399 Kč
Dámská hybridní bunda
6199 Kč
Dámská mikina s kapucí
3999 Kč
Dámské tričko s potiskem
1199 Kč
Dámské tričko s nápisem
1299 Kč
Dámské běžecké tílko
1749 Kč
Dámské tílko
999 Kč
Dámské softshellové kalhoty
4499 Kč
Dámské legíny
2299 Kč
Lněné dámské šaty s límečkem
6699 Kč
Dámská péřová vesta
6899 Kč
Dámské triko s krátkým rukávem
2099 Kč
Dámské polotriko v piké pletenině
2199 Kč
Dámské úpletové kraťasy
2199 Kč
Dámská mikina s kulatým výstřihem
3999 Kč
Dámská košile projmutého střihu
3499 Kč
Dámská košile projmutého střihu
3499 Kč
Dámské kalhoty džínového střihu
4799 Kč
Dámská parka, rovného střihu
11399 Kč
Pánská prošívaná bunda se stojáčkem
7999 Kč
Pánské kalhoty džínového stylu
5299 Kč
Denimové pánské kalhoty
3399 Kč
Pánská košile v rovném střihu
3599 Kč
Pánská košile v projmutém střihu
3599 Kč
Pánské letní chinos kalhoty
3999 Kč
Pánské kraťasy s délkou nad kolena
4399 Kč
Pánský celopropínací svetr na zip
5499 Kč
Pánské polotriko s krátkým rukávem
2199 Kč
Pánská prošívaná vesta
8599 Kč
Lněný pánský svetr
4699 Kč